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You protect your employees, your machinery, your vehicles and buildings...

Are you also protecting your Accounts Receivable?

Trade Credit Insurance allows your company to safely operate, knowing that you will be paid for what you invoice.

Plastics Shredder

Get in touch today with one of our Regional Managers to learn how Credit Insurance protects your most valuable asset.

The plastics industry is fast-changing and dynamic; a small change in the economy, in technology or in regulations could make a big difference in the ability of your customers to pay you in full and on time.

By working with Atradius, your credit department can get full visibility in the credit-worthiness of your customers, avoiding issues with late payments.
And if something happens, your insurance policy will make sure you still receive the necessary cash flow to keep you afloat.

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Atradius Risk Map Update

The Atradius Risk Map gives an overview of the level of trade risk associated with countries worldwide. It is based on data gathered by our Economic Research Team and focuses on a variety of factors.

Chile, Lebanon and Argentina are the highlighted countries that have experienced a rating change over the quarter.

Country Risk Assessment | Atradius Country Risk Map Q1 2021

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