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On August 1, 2017, The Atradius Mississauga office employees worked up a sweat, raised some money for a good cause and had some fun while doing both.

For 20 minutes straight, up to 29 riders powered one BIG BIKE around a major city block in the name of charity.

When 8 Atradians (along with a designated driver) got on the Big Bike, while pedaling with a police car escort in front and behind, they managed to stop traffic and make some serious noise while doing so, all in support of critical heart disease and stroke research.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death among Canadians. The Heart and Stroke Foundation promotes healthy living free of heart disease and stroke. Funds raised also support critical research in hospitals and universities across Canada.

"With 8 of us powering the big 29 seat bike, every individual really had to pull their own weight and then some" commented Richard Pinder, Regional Manager for Atradius in Canada.
"It was a beautiful, but really warm day and there were a few inclines along the route that felt like mountains. 
Needless to say the only way to complete the ride was by the free-flowing sweat of our brows. While riding along the route, one of our riders even jumped off the bike mid-ride, not only due to exhaustion, but to recover a runaway (fund raised) $20 dollar bill that escaped from the funding bag of another rider that was blowing in the wind."
The good news is that the wayward bill was recovered shortly after and the rider jumped back on the bike without missing a beat.


Big Bike and Atradius


The exhausted team of 8 riders included Symon Burgess, Wally Meneray, Savita Nanda, Jane Pon, Chris Hacking (Atradius Collections), Hector Donoso (summer intern), Chris Collins (summer intern), and Richard Pinder.

The teams goal was to attempt to raise $1,000 in support of the charity. The team received plenty of monetary support even from other employees who did not participate in the ride. While the final numbers are still being tabulated, so far the Atradius team has raised just over $700 and counting. 

To learn more about the event visit the Big Bike page.


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