Accounts Receivable Insurance

Accounts Receivable Insurance (also referred to as AR Insurance) is a simple, safe, and cost effective program that protects your business from nonpayment for your products or services.

Atradius products can help protect you from nonpayment. Whether nonpayment is a result of insolvency or a customer's refusal or inability to pay under the terms of a contract, we can help to protect your accounts receivable.


Accounts Receivable Insurance

Protecting your bottom line with Accounts Receivable (AR) Insurance can benefit your business in a multitude of ways. Here are some examples:

  • More confidence when taking risks and exploring new markets.
  • More negotiation power with banks and broader access to business financing.
  • Insuring your receivables provides your bank with greater confidence and improves your creditworthiness.
  • Improve the health of your balance sheet by reducing bad debt provisions.

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Atradius helped us to grow our business step by step. We have provided a better service, been able to increase activity with old customers, and start business with new ones.

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AR Insurance Tailored to your Business    

It all starts with our simple product: Modula Policy. This policy contains a diverse subset of modules. These modules function as individualized forms of coverage. They can be matched to how you do business, providing a custom tailored policy that is designed to protect your specific exposures.

If you operate in different markets, several policies can be written to provide unique protection for your accounts in each market.

We can also modify Modula to support varying levels of receivables risk for different customers. Coverage can be customized depending on your customers' location, service type, trade relationship, or a broad array of other risk factors. By structuring policies in this manner, our clients find great benefit. Clients receive the standardization benefits of a singular policy while still being able to have a fully bespoke Accounts Receivable insurance solution for their portfolio of trade partners and buyers.

Further benefits of our Modula policy include:

  • International and cross-industry consistency – Our international underwriters and legal team have written a time-tested policy that delivers clear and consistent legal definitions and language. The Modula system ensures that your accounts are insured for both domestic and export trade.
  • Transparency – The modular nature of our policy structure delivers a highly relevant policy that is not bogged down by unnecessary legalese. Your policy will be tailored to exactly how and where you do business.
  • Manage your policy online – Our new online system, Atradius Atrium, provides an easy to use hub for administering your Accounts Receivable insurance policies. File claims, request credit limits, and modify your coverage quickly and easily through our portal.changes

Administer your Accounts Receivable Insurance Online with Atradius Atrium

Manage your insurance coverage online with Atradius Atrium. Our industry leading web-based system allows you to easily file insurance claims, track progress and modify your policy online.

Atrium is a free service that is included with every insurance policy and customer account, allowing you to have full control. Atradius Atrium is a secure, sophisticated web-based account management service. Our system empowers your accounts receivable team to have greater control and insight into credit limits and buyer information. Features include:

  • The ability to modify account credit limits and track debtor behavior
  • Submit all relevant materials for filing a claim online
  • Generate powerful and meaningful reports that help you better manage the terms of your credit lines
  • Review, expand or modify your policy
  • Leverage our monitoring tools for instant alerts related to your insured accounts
  • Gain access to in-depth industry reporting, advisories and forecasting from the Atradius team. Atradius Insights delivers free and highly relevant trade reports for your industry, regions in which you do business, and much more

Learn more about Atradius Atrium and how it empowers your accounts receivable team to manage your Accounts Receivable insurance policy at nay time of the day, anywhere in the world.

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Atradius Insights Provides Sophisticated Tools and Thought Leadership from our Experts

Atradius Insights is a powerful set of web-based tools which can also be accessed via Atradius Atrium. Gain industry leading insight that allows your team to easily identify risks, monitor your portfolio performance and find new business opportunities.

Our industry leading solution sets a new standard for credit account management, empowering your AR team like never before. Learn more about how Atradius Insights works to strengthen your business intelligence and create new trade opportunities.

All Atradius policies also include commercial debt collection services for further protection of your accounts.

All policies are backed by our international team of commercial debt collection experts. Included in your policy is a global team of professionals that will help you settle outstanding invoices and collect on outstanding receivables. Our team will help you negotiate in your trade partners' language and provide guidance on enforcing contract terms across borders.

We work closely with you to negotiate with your customers in their language on terms that are culturally and legally appropriate. We work hard to preserve ongoing business relationships where possible while laying the groundwork to recover your debt and protect your receivables.


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