Atradius Go for Small Business

Atradius Go is the new trade credit insurance product for small and medium business enterprises looking to protect their receivables at an affordable price.

With a simplified policy structure and standard terms, this product is designed to be an easy solution for businesses with a domestic annual sales volume up to $3.5M

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Big Deal for Small Business

Atradius Go allows small business owners to protect their receivables while providing opportunities for them to grow safely.

Thanks to our online portal Atrium, Atradius Go policyholders can self-serve and submit credit check requests with no need for an Account Manager or a Risk Underwriter.

With affordable low annual premium, Atradius Go offers the solid coverage of traditional trade credit insurance policies.








Atradius Go Brochure










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Policy terms:

  • $500 Credit Limit Treshold
  • Immediate Credit Limit Response
  • Online policy Management: Atrium
  • Easy Management: No Turnover Declaration
  • Insolvency and Protracted Default Protection
  • Accelerated Claims Payments*
  • 10% Coinsurance
  • Dedicated Customer Service Inbox





*not available in all states


Get approved in as little as 3 business days!

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