Can I insure my accounts receivable?

Learn how accounts receivable insurance will protect your business from bad debt and unpaid invoices, preserving your cash flow and supporting trade.

Yes, you can insure your accounts receivable. This type of insurance may also be referred to as trade credit insurance. This protects your cash flow by compensating you for unpaid invoices and severely delayed payments.

Depending on your policy, accounts receivable insurance usually covers:

  • Customer bankruptcy
  • Political risks that may impact your customers’ ability to pay
  • Refusal or inability of your customer to pay within the terms of your contract

Atradius Offers Accounts Receivable Insurance for Businesses of All Sizes

Since 1925, Atradius has been helping business remain stable and protect their accounts receivable. We offer a variety of products to match any budget and business size form small businesses to global corporations.





Benefits of accounts receivable insurance

Insuring your accounts receivable is good business practice. It forms the central core of strong credit risk management strategies performed by all sizes of business, from SMEs to multinationals. The benefits of accounts receivable insurance – also known as trade credit insurance and debtor insurance – include:

Protecting your business from the bad debts of others

Whether through insolvency, default, or political risks, your customer may fail to pay you.

Having accounts receivable insurance means that, no matter what (in line with the wording of your policy), you can still get paid. No matter how long you have known your buyer, you don’t always know what is impacting their business. 

Even the strongest trade relationships with longstanding accounts can be jeopardized by unforeseen circumstances. There is only thing more detrimental to the stability of your business than losing a customer. That is losing a customer while also not getting paid for services rendered or product delivered. This is why accounts receivable insurance is an essential tool for protecting your bottom line.

What is Accounts Receivable Insurance

Exploring new markets and growing your business

Accounts receivable insurance is used by many businesses to enable trade.

It can be particularly useful when exploring new markets. Most credit insurance companies will conduct their own research into your prospective customers, adding another layer to your own due diligence.

The best accounts receivable insurance agencies function as a strategic source of information to help the growth of your business. The expertise and knowledge of underwriters working in your sector can further support your understanding of a potential market and underpin your decision-making processes.

Exploring new markets

Improving your access to finance

Banks tend to be risk averse. Proving that your receivables are insured can help you demonstrate your bottom line is secure. This can enhance your negotiations with finance providers. Having accounts receivable insurance may lead to lower interest rates, a higher credit line, or may even be the difference between approval and denial of a loan.

Finding the right Accounts Receivable Insurance product

How to find the right accounts receivable insurance for your business

Accounts receivable insurance is designed to protect the accounts receivables of all sizes of business.

No matter whether you are responsible for the accounts of an SME, a national business that trades solely within the U.S., or a multinational trading worldwide, there will be a solution that is ideal for your business and its needs.

Learn more about accounts receivable insurance.

Learn how insuring your accounts receivable can form part of a strong credit risk management strategy

Find out about Atradius credit insurance solutions 



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