Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about credit insurance, how it works and how it can benefit your business.


A Guide to Trade Credit Insurance

This comprehensive guide to Trade Credit Insurance discusses the basics of protecting your business, benefits, pricing, the application process, and much more.

What is Credit Insurance?

All your questions answered on what trade credit insurance or accounts receivable insurance is, how it works and how it can benefit your business.

Why secure a Credit Insurance policy?

Learn about the benefits of credit insurance and how it can protect your business.

How does Trade Credit Insurance benefit you?

Learn how trade credit insurance can benefit your business by mitigating risk, protecting your account receivables and creating a safer trading environment. 

How much does Credit Insurance cost?

Learn how the cost of credit insurance is calculated and how risk affects price.

Can I insure my accounts receivable?

Learn how accounts receivable insurance will protect your business from bad debt and unpaid invoices, preserving your cash flow and supporting trade.

What is credit risk?

See how a good credit risk management strategy can protect your cash flow and support your business.

What is business debt recovery?

Learn about the debt recovery process for businesses operating in the North America and overseas.

Why is DSO (days sales outstanding) important?

Find out why DSO is important and how operating within a healthy level of days sales outstanding is good for business.

How can I reduce DSO (days sales outstanding)?

Learn how to reduce DSO to positively impact cash flow, reduce the risk of payment default and minimise lost interest.

What is a good DSO (days sales outstanding) ratio?

Find out what a good DSO (days sales outstanding) ratio is, learn how to calculate DSO and work out what is best for your business.

Advantages & disadvantages of credit insurance

When it comes to export trade credit insurance, the advantages of having a policy far outweigh the disadvantages.

Can I insure my export credit?

You can protect your cash flow and minimise insolvency by insuring your export credit.

Other Credit Insurance Questions

Other answers to the most frequently asked questions about credit insurance.

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