Atradius performs as an additional security net in the event that your invoices are not paid on time.

Credit management assesses the risks associated with a buyer’s ability to pay for goods and services that are supplied.

Ensuring that invoices are promptly paid is fundamental for the well-being of a company’s cash-flow.

Protecting your receivables with insurance is the safest way to grow your business' profitability and protect it from major losses, but credit insurance is much more for credit management.

An extra layer of protection

As a credit insurer, Atradius provides an extra layer of protection to ensure that your business safeguards its cash flow.

In most instances, businesses have already implemented some form of credit management procedures. Atradius’ role performs as an additional security net.

Our trade credit insurance product works alongside you to support your business, reducing the risk of selling on credit. Additionally, Atradius can protect you from losses caused by non-credit events, such as political risk.

Real time information

Part of successful credit managment depends on updated information and quick actions. Our database contains proprietrary credit information on 240 million companies worldwide and it's accessible everywhere at the click of a mouse.

Credit insurance with Atradius gives you the ability to access and manage your credit limits and monitor debtor payment behavior from anywhere in the world with our award winning online tool, Atradius Atrium Portal.


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Todd Petrocelli, Park Polymers.

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Todd Petrocelli, Park Polymer

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