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Global economy expected to grow 6.2% in 2021

Press release

19th August 2021

The global economy is showing a robust recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021, but downside risks remain

What can Brexit and the UK's Covid-19 response teach us

Atradius news

28th July 2021

Dana Bodnar, a senior economist at Atradius, discusses with Global Finance the hard-learned lessons.

Economic Recovery in Germany

Atradius news

6th July 2021

When examining a recovery for the German economy as the world rebounds from the events of 2020, it’s important to realize that many sectors will continue to struggle throughout this year.

Watch: Tracking the COVID-19 crisis in India

Atradius news

10th June 2021

Bert Burger, economist and resident expert on India with Atradius, details the state of that country’s struggle to contain the COVID-19 virus.

UAE, Israel sign treaty to avoid double taxation

Atradius news

31st May 2021

The UAE and Israel on Monday signed a tax treaty on Monday to avoid double taxation that will help promote bilateral trade and investment in years to come.

How the U.K-EU trade deal impacts supply chains

Atradius news

5th May 2021

The United Kingdom completed its withdrawal from the European Union at the close of 2020, with a new free trade agreement passed just in time.

Robust rebound for the U.S.

Atradius news

27th April 2021

The U.S. entered the second quarter of 2021 on track for a robust economic rebound.

Mexico's steep recession in 2020 brings rebound in 2021

Atradius news

8th April 2021

In 2020, Mexico saw a GDP contraction of 8.5%, mainly due to sharp declines in consumption and investment.

Biden will get back to business with China

Atradius news

7th April 2021

After the Biden administration released its formal trade agenda to Congress, its most glaring message was absent — that the United States will use dispassionate reason to restore relations with China.

Mexico faces a slow economic recovery after recession

Atradius news

1st April 2021

GDP contracted 8.5%, mainly due to steep declines in consumption and investment.