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Inflation is Inevitably Affecting the Supply Chain

Atradius news

2nd June 2022

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), inflation rates around the world have recently reached an average of 8.7 percent.

Uruguay is most promising market in Americas for 2022

Atradius news

12th March 2022

Uruguay offers most promising opportunities in Americas for investors, exporters in 2022, as global economy continues its bumpy recovery, reports Atradius

Surge in Production Costs May Put Pressure on Food

Atradius news

23rd February 2022

As a non-cyclical industry, there is a constant demand for food, which helps drive some growth in the industry.

Pandemic Outlook for 2022: Stagflation

Atradius news

8th February 2022

The authors, Chief Economist John Lorié, Economist Dana Bodnar and Senior Economist Theo Smid predicted the global economy will continue to take a hit in 2022.

Inflation gobbles up fresh produce

Atradius news

7th February 2022

Avocado prices have doubled in a year, and blueberry prices are up 45 percent.

Food Industry to Face Downside Risks This Year

Press release

28th January 2022

A number of downside risks are expected to pose major challenges to the global food and beverages sector this year, according to the global credit insurer Atradius.

Food and Beverage Sector Still Vulnerable to Risks

Press release

24th January 2022

The food and beverage sector continues to experience a number of risks and challenges, including sharp increases in commodity and energy prices, labor shortages, transport issues and more.

Hybrid working transforming commercial property market

Atradius news

22nd November 2021

24 November 2021 - Lockdowns triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic revealed to millions of workers that, thanks to digitalization, working from home is not only possible, but desirable as well.

African free trade area presents opportunity ahead

Atradius news

1st October 2021

The AfCFTA could boost Africa’s growth potential as the agreement intends to liberalize trade across Africa over the next few years.

Red Rock and Atradius form Canada partnership

Atradius news

28th September 2021

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - September 28, 2021) - Atradius CyC and Red Rock Insurance Services, Ltd have partnered in an effort to grow market share throughout Canada.