Atrium: example of Digitalization in Credit Insurance

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Amidst the increasing level of Digitalization talks in the Credit Insurance industry, Atradius Atrium is a concrete example of practical use of new technologies for better credit management.

In today’s world ― where consumers demand information that is fast, easy and accessible from almost anywhere ― it is imperative for businesses of any size to digitize their operations to run better, faster and more cost efficiently.

The same is true for Atradius, which for many years has taken steps toward a digitally driven business model. The company is realizing results of experimenting with new technologies, including greater efficiency and fewer administrative hiccups, and ultimately revealing a competitive advantage by delivering a higher level of customer service.

A few examples of our advances in automation:

  • Implementing a consolidated system, creating a true ‘ledger to ledger’ process where information is exchanged effortlessly and efficiently between debt management, credit insurers and banks. This means credit managers can obtain data much faster and identify credit risk easier.
  • Launching the Atrium portal, designed to give users a means to complete credit insurance transactions in a faster, more efficient user experience. Not only does the new platform reduce the possibility of errors, but it also enables customers to constantly monitor and smoothly interact with their buyers.

There is no replacement for human intelligence and experienced analysis of data, yet by infusing technology into our processes, the Atradius team is able to perform more adroitly and with greater conviction than ever before. That’s where we can add value.



Atradius Atrium | Credit management portal



We continue to keep our finger on the pulse of digital developments through research, information exchange and knowledge building; this way we may enable transparency and reliability, increase flexibility and options and most importantly support our customers in making informed decisions.


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