Atradius Case Studies

Our case studies provide examples of high quality credit management processes and practices in a variety of different sectors and markets throughout the world.

Metalco Incorporated

Metals Furnace

Metalco was founded over 20 years ago to distribute high-quality metals to customers across the United States. Since then, its inventory has expanded to include domestic and imported metals produced around the world. When Metalco needed a credit insurer to become proactive in the steel sector, Atradius committed. 


EnCom Polymers

Plastic Polymers

When EnCom Polymers suffered a revenue loss due to customer credit issues in 2019, the company knew it was time to invest in trade credit insurance. EnCom Polymers selected Atradius to help mitigate customer credit risk, expand sales and improve its credit management processes.


Legrand AV

Audio Video Board

Legrand AV Brands has been in business in the U.S. for 25 years, providing power, light and data to millions of spaces around the world in the form of AV equipment and devices. Legrand AV is no stranger to trade credit insurance. The company made the switch to Atradius, however, after finding its previous insurer expensive, inefficient and overly complicated to work with.

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